Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hadis Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud:

"Tidaklah seorang muslim tertimpa suatu penyakit dan sejenisnya melainkan Allah akan menggugurkan bersamanya dosa-dosanya seperti pohon yang menggugurkan daun-daunnya." (Hadis riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

Entering day 4 of excessive hydration by force. Well, self-force.

Symptoms are still there, praying that they will disappear soon, please.

Dislikes Potassium Citrate that tastes like acid and gives abdominal discomfort after ingestion. But undeniably, it's awfully good in doing its function, all right.

Unpleasant sensation.

InsyaAllah, pemadam dosa-dosa.

Ya Allah, ya Rabbi, please heal me.

Must learn to put reminder into own brain without depending on phone to remind when to take medications. Zzz.

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